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Please leave empty:. The whole rainbow! Be killed by it. Attack it by myself! Tell the deputy to set a border patrol.

warrior cat genetics generator

Just leave it! Certain types of birds. Poor hunter. Bad fighter. Of course! Why would I hate them? Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope NOPE! An elder, a kit and your mate are all drowning. You can't help them all - which do you save? The kit and my mate because I love them! The elder and the kit because EWW! The elder and my mate, because I really hate kits Comments Change color.

Doveflight Boulderspring I got Boulderspring. Honeyfall I got Honeyfall. Seems as if everyone has got Honeyfall, lol.

I got Honeyfall! Hollyleaf Anonymous ViperShade Blackbee Moongleam I think most people got Honeyfall. I got Honeyfall as well. Sunnyheart : A small pale ginger she-cat which looks almost just like my oc Sunnyheart later Sunnystar! I see another Honeyfall! What are the odds? HoneyFall So great! I love the names!I have noticed that when people submit families of cats there tends to be a little confusion about how cat heredity works.

Punnet squares or punnet square ratios will be necessary for this if you want to get the chances exactly rightso I suggest brushing up on it. Fur length actually is super duper simple. Short hair is dominant and represented by L Long hair is recessive and represented by l.

Cats with long hair can be anything from the slightly fluffier kind like the Turkish angora to the fuzz ball Persian. Note: In both longhairs and shorthairs, they are thinking it may be dominant or at least dominant-ish for cats to have thin coats think: Siamese.

Something to bare in mind. This gets a little complicated. They are tacked onto the X- chromosome. Therefore a cats color is determines by its sex. A male cat, will only inherit an X from his mother, while a female will inherit one from each parent. Because a female gets two copies, it can get both XO and Xo, while a male can only get one or the other. This is why only females can be tortoiseshell, because they get both pigment genes and express them.

So if a black momma cat and a ginger daddy cat have kittens, then all the sons will be black, because the only gene they can get from momma is the Xo gene, but all the daughters will be tortoiseshell, due to receiving the Xo from mother and the XO from father. Okay, so out cat has either a gene for red or not red, but what about brown cats?

It works similarly to the fur length, except it has 3 alleles half-genes to choose from. A cat can only get 2 or these, or else they may have serious complications. The combos go as follows:. So now we have red, black, brown,ect. But wait. What about gray cats hmm?? Thus we get to Dilution! Dilution, well, dilutes the pigments! This is a recessive trait. The ones found in pure breeds will not be found in their purest forms in warriors, and may be called by their names in parenthesis if used, if they are even noticeable different.

Also note, there are two types of brown. Both are usually just called brown and usually show up as, well, brown. Silver tabby also only shows in tabby.

There are no solid silver cats Unless you count black cats. Thus one or both parents would need it. The only exception to this rule is toygers and some wild-domestic hybrids. Abyssinian rare outside house catsTabby most warriorsand Spots rare, and this does not include leopard-like rosets and other wild-domestic hybrid patterns those are weird im not even touching those. Ticked means to have the Abyssinian pattern btw. Next, you need to know if it is Mackerel or Classic. Mackerel is tiger-y stripes, Classic is big blotchy swirly ones.

Spots arise from modifying the already present Mackerel or classic tabby. SS cats can be pure white.Whitecough is a very serious infection.

Its symptoms include coughing, wheezing and severe weakness. It can develop into greencough in a matter of days if left untreated.

Warrior Cat OC Generator!

It is most common to get a whitecough infection in Leafbare. Greencough is the more life-threatening version of whitecough. It almost always results in death for kits and elders if they catch it, as their bodies are not strong enough to fight off the infection.

A serious disease that results in a cat coughing up blood. There is no known cure and it results in a slow and agonising death for the cat who catches it. Poisoning resulting from contact with the highly poisonous death fish. These fish are toxic to eat and ingestion of so much as a small bit of their mucus can result in death.

warrior cat genetics generator

They are terrifying, sleek black fish that typically inhabit saltwater areas. Poisoning resulting from the ingestion or inhalation of any substance produced by a death flower. Can result in severe seizures or even death. Dry, cracked paw pads, very painful to walk on. These occur due to cold or wet weather or from walking too far. A disease that affects the emotions. It forces cats to become more detached, and may become a dark mood if left untreated.

A serious disease that affects the emotions. Causes unpredictable behaviour and sometimes death. A strange sickness that progresses over time and results in increased weakness until death. There is no cure. A severe sickness resulting from a bite from an infected animal. Turns a cat extremely aggressive. A sickness that affects the mind and memory. More commonly occurs in older cats. A cat will slowly lose their memory. It will eventually kill them as their mind deteroriates.

A hairball is something a cat brings up occassionally. It will eventually pass, no need for a cure. Will heal after one day. Can be treated with maple leaves or snakeskin. Have a chance of resulting in death. Heal after two days.

Rare x Nonexistent. Flame fruit. White Caps. Death Flower.You can choose the color and pattern of pretty much everything. Every choice you make for your cat is visualized in three simultaneous views!

Design your own pet, re-create your companion or create warrior cats!

warrior cat genetics generator

Please do not sell images made with this game. Tags: animals - cats - feline - mega hits. Wanna post a comment? Become a Premium Doll Divine member! Remember me. Popular Game Tags: anime cartoons chibi couples disney dragons fashion harry potter historical inkscribble mermaids my little pony princess. All four white socks, opacity. White tail tip, opacity. Both eyes orange. Darker pink nose. White ear tips, opacity. White muzzle, opacity. Longest scar on her side, missing right ear, both notches in left ear, longest facial scar across her left eye.

She is very scittish, but determined to be a great warrior. Born as a loner, her mother was killed by a badger when Brindlepaw was a kit, and Brindlepaw herself was very injured. She was taken in by RiverClan. She has no memory of anything that happened before she joined RiverClan, but will occasionally have dreams about when her mother died, although she never remembers them. Rank: Apprentice 4 years ago. Scars:Missing an eye due to protecting the kittens against an aggressive puppy.

Create: Fur length long, with long tail, short whiskers. Darker pelt option, black with 75 opacity. Tabby pattern option underneath the option to the right of classic tabby in the middleblack, You can break all of these rules and still have a slam-dunk oc! How to Warriors OC. Do not link them to canon characters.

Unless they are in the original clans. This is mostly because other people will be piss babies about it. Do not give them an unnatural pelt color. We mostly R is just a stickler for this. If what comes up is irrelevant, cartoons, photo-manipulations, etc, then the cat is impossible.

Do not give them an unnatural eye color. Cat eyes kind of run on the same rules as human eyes do, except cats can have orange and yellow eyes as well. Impossible meaning your cat could be in kitty X-men. Common mutations, like extra toes, missing limbs, etc. Normal warriors are not going to have prophetic visions, 9 lives, or see starclan warriors in their dreams. Think about it. And if they do, its probably heavily plot relevant.

Okay in fanfics, looked down upon in rping. Winged kitties, kitties with super strength, and radioactive kitties should not happen. Nothing against OCs with those kind of things, it just does not match the series. Things like visions, dream walking, and becoming a berserker. Do not name them after unnatural things. You should not see cats with names like Atomicbomb or Rubydynasty. But if your cat is a kittypet, rogue, or loner anything is fair game. A cat would not be able to tell a monarch butterfly from a swallowtail butterfly, nor basalt from marble.

We try to form names that will be widely accepted and describe the cat, but smaller communities may allow outrageous ones that we shoot down pretty quickly. Go nuts.I ran into the head of the "black" market and was dealt some waquality!

Welcome to Cat Genetics with Matt! This guide will teach the entirety of what you need to know to make realistic cat OCs, at least genetically. It will also teach you how to make families of cat OCs much more realistic. Please note that you do not HAVE to make your cats realistic. This is just for those who want their OCs to be very realistic. For anyone who does not want to bother with the complexity of genetics, there is a kitten generator located in the last chapter.

If you know what Mendelian genetics are, feel absolutely free to skip this section. This is only for those who are completely new to genetics. Humans and animals have two copies of each gene, except in sex-linked traits, which will be explained in the red factor chapter of this guide. Dominant alleles override recessive alleles.

When there are two copies of the same allele, it is called homozygous, and when there are two different alleles, it is called heterozygous. The capital letter allele is dominant to the lowercase letter allele. When there is a dominant allele, the individual will have the phenotype of the dominant allele. If there are two of a recessive allele, the individual will have the recessive phenotype.

Here is a link to a punnett square generator, so that you can test out different pairings of alleles. There are three types of the black factor in cats. These are black, chocolate, and cinnamon. Black is dominant over chocolate, and chocolate is dominant over cinnamon. Red and black are sex-linked traits, which means there is one red or black gene for each X chromosome.

warrior cat genetics generator

This means that females can have red and black, red and red, or black and black. Males can only have red OR black. Chocolate and cinnamon are mutations of black, so they fall under black in this example.

When animals are born, each parent gives one chromosome to each offspring, so they would be passing down Xb, Xr, or Y. This is why most females are not red, because they would have to have both X chromosomes having red genes, meaning they would have to have a red father AND a red or tortoiseshell mother. All males inherit the color of their mother, because the father passes down a Y chromosome and the mother passes down a X chromosome.

But what happens if a female is XbXr or XrXb? That produces a tortoiseshell, which is a cat with red and black fur.

Cat Genetics: A Guide to Making Realistic Cat OCs

They are also known as torties. This is why males cannot be tortoiseshells in most scenarios. Tortoiseshells can have any variation of black, so there can be chocolate or cinnamon tortoiseshells.Kindheart returns with an article on cat genetics in Warriors! Pull up a chair and read on, folks!

Warrior cat life generator

Hello, BlogClan! Or ask me in the comments below…. Male kittens will obtain both color genes from their mother. Female females take one color gene from EACH parents. The color of a female kitten will always be a combo of the mother and father or the dilute form of these colors.

So, it is actually pretty rare for some breeds to get red or cream kittens the reason? Well, the answer is no, that is not possible.

Only parents can pass down their genes so if a cat is black the parents themselves must be black. The only exception to this rule is colourpoint gene! A dominant characteristic all dominant colors and patterns such as shaded, smoke, white, tabby, bi-color, etc.

The characteristic cannot be transmitted from one generation to the next without showing that characteristic in each generation.

A cat displaying a dominant color black, red, torte, etc. Two recessive color parents cream, blue, etc. To get a color pointed kitten, both parents must be carrying the color pointed gene even if they do not appear color pointed themselves.

The mating of a color pointed cat and a cat with no color pointed background will produce NO color pointed offspring. A non-silver tabby must have at least one parent that is either a shaded or a tabby.

My Terrible Warriors OCs

A silver tabby must have at least one silver tabby, shaded or smoke parent e. All red cats will have some tabby markings. Whether or not a red can produce as a tabby will depend on whether it is a true tabby with a tabby or shaded parent or whether it is a red with ghost tabby markings and neither a tabby nor a shaded parent. A red tabby that is not a true tabby cannot produce a tabby offspring of any other color without being bred to a true tabby or a shaded.

A shaded parent can produce a smoke offspring, but a non-shaded smoke parent cannot produce a shaded offspring unless bred to a shaded. The list goes on and on and on, but I think you get the point. She works hard and deserves it! You are correct and I did in fact do an article on how the real threat to the clans is inbreeding. Your email address will not be published. Male and Female Kittens Male kittens will obtain both color genes from their mother.

Two color pointed parents cannot produce a non-color pointed offspring. A cat with a white undercoat smoke or shaded must have a parent that has a white undercoat A shaded cat must have at least one parent that is a shaded A shaded parent can produce a smoke offspring, but a non-shaded smoke parent cannot produce a shaded offspring unless bred to a shaded A bi-color must have a bi-color parent The list goes on and on and on, but I think you get the point.

That is all for today! I hope I helped you understand this better! Until the next article! I had to read some of it over but I got it. Great job! Minecraft good fortnite bad. And the founding genetic line was stripped gray black and orange with an M or W on the forehead.

The females were gray and white or gray and white striped. Sky of Autumn Leaves It's still just Sky!