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Quick Links. Table of Contents. The electrical system connects all the necessary switches, sensors, and transducers to the Titan controller. Digital inputs with 0 VDC represent an open switch contact. The Titan controller provides 12 VDC digital outputs to control solenoids, relays, and other devices. Micro-Port display and gauges will initialize. Allow the compressor to run at idle speed for 3 to 5 minutes to allow cool down.

Do not use E-Stop if equipped to stop machine unless it is an emergency. When the Keyswitch is moved to the OFF position: 1. The more information known about a problem, the faster and easier the problem can be solved. Troubleshooting charts are included to act as a guide to the troubleshooting process. Page 17 Compressor Diagnostic Code Troubleshooting Electronic Service Manual General Measuring Guidelines Since the electrical system uses sealed connectors and splices, access of test points can be difficult.

It is recommended a test probe kit be used to access the signals to prevent damage to wires and connectors. Back-probing connectors and insulation piercing test probes can cause damage that can cause future failures. Check all harness connections between Titan and RT2 temperature sensor. Verify that the Safety Valve is operating properly. Step 2: If harness connections are loose or damaged, repair harness as needed.

Check the engine and airend filters. While compressor is not in operation, the Titan controller has detected the system voltage has reached a level below Using a multimeter, measure the voltage between the Titan P and If voltage measured is not Effect: Code 42 is an ALERT condition and will not shut down the compressor; however, if the fuel level in the tank reaches a level below the pickup tube the compressor will shut down with no indication of reason.

Step 2: Continuity should be shorted between U1-D and P Code 51 will occur only when a new Titan and a new Engine Tachometer with Micro-Port display are installed at the same time. Disconnect P1 connector from the Titan.Quick Links. Service Manual. Table of Contents.

Generator diesel engine, power unit diesel engine pages. Page 3: Important Safety Information If a tool, procedure, work method or operating technique not specifically recommended by DOOSAN is used, you must satisfy yourself that it is safe for you and others. You should also ensure that the product will not be damaged or made unsafe by the operation, lubrication, maintenance or repair procedures you choose. Page 7 Electronic Throttle Body Page 8 Appendix Acceleration Page 9: Chapter 1.

General Information Chapter 1. Sealant For prevention of wrong installation or reassembly and for ease of operation, put mating marks to the parts where no function is adversely affected. Special Tool Use specified brand of sealant. Page Electrical System Replacement Part Genuine Part When oil seal, O-ring, packing and gasket have When the part is to be replaced, be sure to use been removed, be sure to replace them with new genuine part.

For selection of appropriate parts, refer to the Parts However, rocker cover gasket may be reused if it is Catalog. To prevent this, observe the following precautions and explain them to your customer.

Use only unleaded gasoline. Page Chapter 2. Recommended Maintenance Chapter 2. The operator should, however, develop a customized maintenance schedule using the requirements listed in this section and any other requirements listed by the engine manufacturer. The following lubricants should be selected for all engines to enhance excellent performance and maximum effect.

In addition, used engine oil contains potentially harmful contaminants which may cause skin cancer. Page Checking Compressed Pressure 3. Refill with engine oil filter. At this time, necessarily screen the spark plug hole with a rag. Page Checking Coolant Leaks Checking coolant leaks 1. Check that the coolant level reaches filler neck. Install the radiator cap tester to the radiator filler neck and apply a pressure of 1. While maintaining it for 2 minutes, check the radiator, hose, and connecting part for leak.

CAUTION If the belt tension is too excessive, noise as well as early wear of belt occurs and the water pump bearing and alternator bearing are damaged. If the belt is too loose, due to early wear of belt and insufficient power of alternator, battery and water pump become inefficient and finally Check the spark plug as below. Page 27 Spark Plugs 5. Install the spark plug and tighten it to the specified torque. Take care not to over tighten it to prevent cylinder head threads from damage.

Page Fuel System Maintenance 8. Re-assemble the filter assembly aligning the Fuel System Maintenance scribe lines on the top and bottom covers.The connected machine solution provides greater machine-to-machine communication, machine intelligence and remote equipment monitoring to maximize machine uptime protection, according to the manufacturer. SinceDoosan has offered a telematics management system to its customers. Each new machine comes with a free month subscription.

Customers have the option to purchase a service extension after the subscription expires, and the subscription is transferrable if a customer sells a machine to another individual. Doosan equipment is equipped with a modem, furnished with a cellular and satellite antenna, which collects data from sensors on the machine. The modem sends the data from the machine to a central database via cellular or satellites, making it readily accessible, even in remote locations when cellular service is not available.

The website is available in 11 different languages and viewers can choose their preferred language from a drop-down menu. They can monitor operational utilization reports to determine how often their Doosan equipment is being operated. An operation trend report includes a search by time period option, average utilization rate, and load count and weight data.

doosan dx85r fault codes

By analyzing this data, Doosan equipment owners can determine if they are underusing their assets or whether it is time to invest in adding to their equipment fleet to maximize their return on investment. Owners can use this data to correct operator behavior to promote a productive and safer job site. The connected machine solution displays operation hours. Accurate machine usage reports can help owners fine tune their bids and determine operating costs and labor costs for more accurate billing on future jobs.

Fuel efficiency gallons per hour and fuel used gallons can be viewed from the website, eliminating the need to physically check each machine and minimizing trips for a fuel truck. The system also monitors equipment idle time, helping to identify machines that are working under or over capacity.

Reducing idle times can help extend engine life and reduce repair and maintenance costs. Owners also can monitor power mode operation and advise operators to adjust the power mode to do the same work while using less fuel. The website provides owners with a fault code status and history related to the machine's engine, transmission, steering and more. Maintenance warnings alert owners and fleet managers with an easy-to-read status of a machine's parts status. A list of parts includes each part's status — good, upcoming or overdue — and the number of hours used.

Dealers also can monitor this information and proactively reach out to customers to encourage them to properly service their Doosan equipment to ensure the machine is operating correctly. Integrating DoosanCONNECT into a maintenance management program allows equipment owners to look ahead and see when a machine is due for its next maintenance appointment.

The data can be shared with dealers, enabling a quick response and ensuring more uptime and continued productivity. This helps save unnecessary downtime and reduces travel time for the dealership's service department.

DoosanCONNECT System Provides Connected Machine Solution for Doosan Equipment

Equipment location is an important data point for equipment owners. If the machine leaves the virtual fence, it will send a notification and can alert the equipment owner and authorities about possible equipment theft. Additionally, a time fence or curfew on each machine can be created. If the machine is operated outside of working hours, an email or SMS text notification can be sent to the owner. This helps to prevent unauthorized operation and potential vandalism to the machine and job site.

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Construction Equipment Guide covers the nation with its four regional newspapers, offering construction and industry news and information along with new and used construction equipment for sale from dealers in your area.Imperial Metric. A Shipping Length Of Unit. C Shipping Height Of Unit. J Max Loading Height.

doosan dx85r fault codes

K Max Reach Along Ground. M Max Digging Depth. Min Digging Reach. Arm Digging Force. Bucket Digging Force. Max Digging Height. H Tail Swing Radius. O Counterweight Clearance. Undercarriage Width. Cab Height. Cab Width. Overall Width -Upper Structure. Shipping Width. Track Height. Track Length. Track Shoe Width. N Shoe Size. F Track Gauge. Number Of Lower Rollers. Number Of Shoes Per Side.

doosan dx85r fault codes

Track Type. Number Of Upper Rollers. Drawbar Pull. Specifications Engine. Number Of Cylinders. Engine Make. Engine Model. Gross Power. Net Power. Power Measured. Max Torque. Torque Measured. Travel Speed, Low Range. Travel Speed, High Range. Fuel Capacity.Indicates the end of one pass through the list faults.

Open circuit gasoline injector 1, wire broken injector or defective 1 injector. Switched B to pin B 12 injector 1. Open circuit gasoline injector 2, wire broken injector or defective 2 injector. Switched B to pin B 12 injector 2. Check injector resistance 2, ohm cold. Open circuit gasoline injector 3, wire broken injector silt 3 and defective injector. Switched B to pin 12 B injector 3. Open circuit gasoline injector 4, wire broken injector or defective 4 injector. Switched B to pin 12 B injector 4.

Refrigerant sensor failure or closed on GND. Signal B15 Blvd. B1 1 to Blvd. Refrigerant sensor disconnected or open circuit. Check if the sensor connector disconnected or for open circuit SECM.

Engine coolant temperature is high Sensor. Check the refrigerant system by locking the radiator for proper refrigerant level and for leaks in the system. Signal Bl. Bl B1. Blvd A16, B Engine coolant temperature does not change as expected.CMP Technology Co. Common fault code analysis, fault phenomenon. Common cases of Doosan excavator fault codes. ECM marks the throttle position as invalid data. Before one of the following conditions occurs, maintain the recent diesel engine speed to the required diesel engine speed.

ECM receives different diesel engine speed signals from the backup throttle switch. The signal from the throttle switch becomes effective and stays for more than 2s.

ECM reads the signal voltage higher than 4. The power supply to the ECM has been at least 2s. The 5V sensor power supply line and ground short-circuit fault code do not currently exist. The diesel engine is not running or the diesel engine has been running for at least 3 minutes. ECM will. The fuel pressure is marked as invalid data, and the pressure of kPa is used as the default value.

The ECM marks the fuel pressure as invalid data and uses the pressure of kPa as the default value. Diesel engine runs at low power. The speed of the diesel engine decreases. The diesel engine is not running. The ECM marks the oil pressure as invalid data and uses the pressure of kPa as the default value. ECM reads the signal voltage higher than 0. The short-circuit fault code of the 5V sensor power supply line and the battery positive pole does not currently exist.Having trouble using the Discussion Forums?

Contact us for help. Click here for more information. Update my browser now. Truck seems to run fine, but the check engine light is on and worries me. Hoping for a code definition and maybe I can fix it from there.

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Replaced dither valves and tmap, cleared the codes and we're all good. Posted 18 Mar Reply by grego Alberta, Canada. Possible plugged orifice on side of mixer. Make sure all vacuum hoses are leak free, confirm the PCV valve very critical and spark plugs are new. Resolving fault may eliminate other faults. Special Feature.

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